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ABE 700 Perforator

Its your best protection...
For permanent and unalterable marking of documents - perforated holds can't be erased.
Applications include: Dating - Numbering - Canceling - Receipting - Validating and Encoding.
fast, convenient, easy to operate.
Convenient and easy to operate - Fast electric trigger automatically perforates up to 20 papers
per insertion
Costs less than other comparable electric perforators
Change dates quickly and easily
Convenient one hand operation -automatically operates when papers are inserted
Compact desk size - the 700 takes no more spaces than the average letter tray
Portable and easily moved from one location to another
Operates on 120V. 60Hz
Safe because moving parts are completely isolated from the operator
Rugged construction
Made of heavy duty aluminum alloy die casting
Removable die block allows for quick replacement of worn or damaged punches
Wide variety of models to provide fixed and /or variable information

Models Available:
700 FD-1 Narrow Die Only - Fixed Die Maximum of 6 Characters
1,2 or 3 lines of fixed characters (Price Listed)
700 FD-2 Wide Die Only - Fixed Die Maximum of 12 Characters
1,2 or 3 lines of fixed characters (+$395)*
700-1 Dating Perforators (+$17)*
700-2 Paid & Date Peforator (+$111)*
700-3 Paid, Date, & Bottom Line (+$513)*
700-4 Date & Top or Bottom Line (+$488)*
700-5 Date, Top, & Bottom Line (+$513)*
700 N 6 Wheel Numbering (+$395)*
700 NC 6 Wheel Numbering with Top and/or Bottom Line (+$769)*
700 DN Wide Die Only - Date & 6 Wheel Numbering - Style 1 Standard (+$1434)*

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